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  1. Seattle singer/songwriter Damien Jurado is one of the better examples of the somewhat invisible but very real trend of gentle folk musicians who started out in hardcore bands. Along with Mark Thousands (whose work in Youth of Today gave way to a hushed solo career), Dan Littleton (the Hated to Ida), and even Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat and Fugazi eventually mellowing into the Evens), Jurado.
  2. Damien Jurado is pretty prolific recording more-or-less and album a year since He may have just hit on a formula to make them more quickly, however. His new album In The Shape Of A Storm took just two hours to complete.
  3. It could be considered Damien Jurado’s finest collection of music to date, with songs exuding the inviting warmth of a lone porch light gleaming amidst the disorienting darkness. Though more stripped and grounded in their execution, songs like Sandra, Ochoa and Alice Hyatt are generous and candid in their vocabulary, eschewing the sometimes.
  4. Show dates and information | Damien Jurado. Rehearsals for Departure (LP - REISSUE) Released now for the first time on vinyl and cassette, this sophomore album, originally released in , is referred to by many, as a classic.
  5. Feb 03,  · First up, acclaimed indie singer/songwriter Damien Jurado was tasked with creating the music for Hunter Miles, the late musician that “Tumbledown” revolves around (another actor portrays the.
  6. Apr 05,  · For his 14th studio album, veteran singer-songwriter Damien Jurado strips away the roaring drums and vintage production of his recent works for a softly lit, spare stage of intimate acoustic guitar.
  7. Jan 03,  · "Excellent" Soul searching Seattle singer-songwriter Damien Jurado visited Folkestone for the first time on the last date of his current tour. Up until his visit he hadn't realised, and he.
  8. Sep 26,  · Spend any amount of time with Damien Jurado and he’s going to talk with you about movies. Speaking about the films that influenced his 14th album, the solitary masterwork In the Shape of a Storm, Jurado tosses out a list of favorites—American Graffiti, Paris, Texas, The Last Picture Show—films in which settings serve as silent, omniscient characters.
  9. Starkness is not new for Damien Jurado. Many of his most memorable recordings and renditions have been solo performances. Despite his high profile as .

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